Ditch the forklift, embrace versatility: hire mobile gantry cranes

Transporting hefty materials and products within the dynamic settings of a rig or industrial project can pose challenges, necessitating the use of suitable equipment. In these ever-changing environments, where business dynamics align with the operations conducted on the rig, having adaptable equipment that caters to diverse needs and situations becomes crucial.

Forklift vs. Gantry crane: find the equipment that fits your projects

Choosing between a forklift and a gantry crane may stir uncertainty in your decision-making process. While both enable the lifting of heavy materials, they diverge significantly in various aspects. Understanding the specific capabilities of each is key to determining the best fit for the project you plan to undertake.

  • Versatility and mobility

While forklifts may allow faster movement, mobile gantry cranes excel in providing unparalleled versatility and mobility when compared to forklifts. Their portable design allows for effortless relocation, offering adaptability to changing project requirements and layouts within rig and industrial workplaces.

  • Lifting capacity & safety 

In terms of lifting capacity, mobile gantry cranes surpass forklifts, being specifically engineered to handle substantial loads, with some models capable of lifting up to 100 tonnes, whereas forklifts typically have a limit of 30 tonnes. Additionally, gantry cranes ensure a stable and secure lifting solution, minimising the risk of accidents and prioritising the safety of both equipment operators and the surrounding work environment. Their robust framework further contributes to a reliable and secure lifting operation..

  • Ease of use in different environments

Rig and industrial workplaces often present diverse and challenging environments. Mobile gantry cranes are well-suited for such conditions, effortlessly navigating different terrains and accommodating the varied needs of projects in Western Australia’s dynamic industrial landscape.

  • Cost-effective operation

With their durability, minimal maintenance requirements, and efficient operation mobile gantry cranes contribute to a lower total cost of ownership, making them a judicious investment for businesses in the long run. When operating on budget restricted projects, gantry cranes are the best option to optimise your budget while ensuring your productivity and the safety of your team.

  • Time-efficient handling

In the fast-paced environments of rigs and industrial settings, time is a critical factor. Mobile gantry cranes enable quick and efficient material handling, reducing downtime and enhancing overall productivity. Their streamlined operation and user-friendly design make them a valuable asset for meeting tight project timelines.


Rigging rentals mobile gantry crane

At Rigging Rentals, our commitment to excellence drives us to meticulously select only the highest quality equipment, ensuring that your project progresses smoothly while safeguarding the well-being of your staff. Our range of mobile gantry cranes has been carefully chosen to provide you with not just reliability, but also versatility, security, and ease of use, all essential elements for maintaining uninterrupted productivity in the field.

With a sturdy 1.5-tonne capacity, our aluminium gantry crane stands as a reliable workhorse, ready to tackle your lifting needs with precision and efficiency. What sets it apart is its seamless disassembly feature, allowing for effortless transportation from one site to another. Once at your destination, reassembly is a breeze, taking just a few minutes to set up and get to work.

The versatility of our gantry cranes extends beyond their ease of transportation. Their adjustable beams, ranging from 2 to 5 metres, cater to various spatial requirements, ensuring that you have the right fit for your project. Additionally, for projects requiring greater vertical reach, we offer extended beam options of 7 to 8 metres, providing the flexibility needed to tackle tasks at higher elevations.

Available in three distinct sizes, our gantry cranes offer a tailored solution for every application. Whether you’re working on a small-scale project or a large industrial endeavour, there’s a crane in our lineup that’s perfectly suited to meet your specific needs.


Hire a mobile gantry crane at Rigging Rentals

At Rigging Rentals, we understand the intricate dynamics of rigging and industrial projects, where constraints of both budget and time can be exacerbated by unforeseen events. That’s precisely why our gantry cranes are available for hire, providing you with a level of flexibility that ensures you have access to the right equipment precisely when it’s needed. Recognizing that project timelines and requirements can vary significantly, we offer diverse and adaptable hiring periods, allowing you to harness the capabilities of our mobile gantry crane for short-term assignments lasting just a few days or for more extensive projects spanning several months. This strategic approach to equipment availability empowers you to optimise costs and efficiently manage resources, aligning with the ever-evolving demands of your rigging or industrial endeavours.




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