Tirfor Winches


Tirfor winches for hire and rental. 

Also known as a tugger or wire puller, tirfor winches are used to lift and pull a variety of heavy loads with a wire rope or cable. 

Developed for heavy-duty applications, these winches can also be used for securing, lowering and tensioning across a range of industries. Tirfor winches involve 2 jaw grips that hold onto the wire rope, hauling together when moving forward and clamping when moving in reverse. These jaws are clamped or unclamped by jaw links, which operate without damaging the rope. 

Lightweight and compact in design, these winches are suitable for most applications and can be operated across a wide range of motion – horizontal, vertical and angled. Tirfor winches are therefore easy to use and transport and can be used in confined spaces, with their slim and portable design. Despite their lightweight nature, Tirfor winches are still very durable and strong. 

All Tirfor Winches from Rigging Rentals are supplied with test certificates and are maintained to manufacturer standards. Our Tirfor winches are also available in two sizes, each offering a variety of rope lengths (see more information below).

Lift               Pull                  Rope Lengths
T516 1.6T 10M, 20M
T532 3.2T 10M, 20M, 40M


If you’re interested in learning more about our tirfor winches or booking one for hire/rental, don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 744 736 or enquire via our website


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T516 1.6T 2.50T 10M, 20M
T532 3.2T 5.0T 10M, 20M, 40M