Gantry Cranes


Aluminium Gantry crane or Portable Gantry Crane for rent and hire.

Our Aluminium Gantry range offers a lightweight, portable lifting system that adds flexibility to complex and confined space lifting applications. Featuring portability, quick assembly, the benefits of this product are endless.

The Porta-Gantry is a modular system. A variety of frame heights and beam lengths are interchangeable and can configure a rock-solid solution for even the trickiest requirement. With a top-quality and highly durable design, the Porta-Gantry is incredibly strong.

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Gantry Crane hire 

When it comes to the lifting and handling of heavy materials in the workspace, finding the tool to fit can be tricky, but the Gantry Crane is a versatile and highly practical solution when you need a hoist that doesn’t require a driver to put it in place. When a forklift or crane might be an overly costly or impractical solution to your lifting needs, the Gantry Crane offers mobility, reliability, and versatility. There is a wide range of Gantry Crane options available, so you can ensure you get the crane with the lifting power that you need and the right size to fit in your workspace.

Gantry Cranes are designed to make lifting and hoisting objects much more accessible and simple, using electric chain hoists that are relatively easy to use. You can assemble the Gantry Crane wherever suits your needs as well, and the process isn’t too complex. As such, you can move the disassembled crane into your workspace and assemble it right there, so that you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to fit it into smaller workspaces quite as much. This makes the Gantry Crane a much more effective solution for indoor as well as outdoor use.

With the use of a Gantry Hoist, you can find much more efficient and effective ways to lift and hoist in all manner of workspaces, and they come with a range of safety features to ensure their reliability.

  • Safety features such as emergency stops and flashing beacons
  • Anti-collision safety loops
  • Locks and tie-downs for better use in inclement weather
  • Space-saving hoist with hook approaches
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Frequently Asked Questions
How much weight can a portable gantry crane hold?

Portable gantry cranes are surprisingly strong. Made with the perfect balance between strength and mobility in mind, these cranes will meet most companies’ lifting needs, with models like Porta-Gantry having a 500-5000kg weight capacity.

How long does it take to assemble my gantry crane?

Portable gantry cranes are incredibly easy to put together – most models can be assembled/disassembled in under 5 minutes making it a very quick and efficient lifting solution for your project.

How are Rigging Rentals gantry cranes maintained and tested?

All our gantry cranes are maintained to both the Australian standards and each manufacturer’s recommendations so you can rest assured that the equipment you hire is of the highest standard.

How long will it take for my Gantry Crane to arrive?

Depending on your delivery location and equipment availability your gantry crane will be delivered the next day (or in some cases same day). Contact your branch on 1300 744 736 for more information.