Load Cells Shackles


Load Cell Shackles hire and rental. Our range includes leading brand load cell shackles from Safe-T-Weigh. Our fleet includes 85t and 250t Load Pin Shackle for the accurate weighing of heavy loads for major construction or maintenance projects. With the extra advantage of radio Remote control load pin shackles for work site convenience and functionality.

Load Shackles are used for lifting, weighing and force measurement. They can be used to monitor tensile loads in applications where there may be limited headroom available. Our ‘Safe-T-Weigh’ wireless technology ensures that there are no cables attached to the Load Shackle that could be easily damaged. It also allows the operator to maintain a safe distance from the load being monitored.


Robust construction, wireless 100m range, Integral antennas, 80 hours continuous battery life from Alkaline cells, Accuracy +/-1% of full scale, Supplied with bobbin, Display can read in either tonnes, tons short tons kg or lb, Tare weight adjustment and peak hold, Low battery indicator, Traceable calibration.


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85t Radio Remote
250t Radio Remote