Toe Jacks for hire and rental.

Designed to lift items with very low or high clearances, a toe jack (or floor jack) features a fork-like ‘foot’ or ‘toe’ that slots underneath the load being lifted. This heavy duty piece of equipment is ideal for lifting loads with minimal clearance or space and is useful in a variety of operations, from moving heavy machinery to lifting forklifts. Available in a range of different weight capacities, toe lifts are high quality and durable and often used to transfer objects onto load skates.

There are many advantages of using toe jacks due to the versatility of this piece of equipment. Easy to move around with precise lowering control, toe jacks can also be lifted on both the ‘toe’ and ‘head’.

Rigging Rentals stock the DJT-Series toe jacks, fully tested, maintained and engineered to meet Industrial Standards for Performance and Safety. Features include:

  • Chrome plated – prevents corrosion, extending life of the toe jack
  • Dovetail design – ensures precise positioning of toe during lift, minimising misalignment issues
  • Ease of use – designed for straightforward and easy handling
  • Carbon steel base – welded base provides greater durability and ensures increased resistance to high pressure
  • Operating handle – included with all models, the handle increases ease of use
  • 360 degrees rotating – rotating pump handle included on 2.5-15 ton models, allowing maximum flexibility when working in confined spaces or with awkward loads
  • Internal stroke limiter – prevents piston rod over-extension, therefore minimising air/moisture leaks.
  • Lifting toe – made with high-strength alloy steel, the lifting toe is small but robust.

Interested in renting or hiring a Toe Jack? Contact our friendly team today to discuss your requirements and how Rigging Rentals can assist you.

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