6 reasons to use a portable gantry crane

Lifting and moving large industrial objects is often a complex and costly task, requiring the right tools to execute the job correctly. Frustrated with having a fixed lifting location? Try a portable gantry crane! Portable cranes save you money through their reliability, versatility and mobility – read on for 6 reasons you should consider purchasing one.


1. Easy to store/mobile

Cranes are not the first piece of equipment that come to mind when someone says “mobile”, however these gantry cranes were made for this exact purpose. Portable cranes are made specifically for job flexibility – built to move wherever you want, whenever you want. With the ability to disassemble and pack away, this asset is a space saver and can be stored compactly when not in use. 

2. Quick assembly

Portable gantry cranes are incredibly easy to put together – most models can be assembled/disassembled in under 5 minutes. Advantageous when it comes to transportation, this piece of equipment can be moved to remote locations with minimal hassle. Some models are even small enough to be broken down by one person.

3. Lightweight/strong

When it comes to lifting capabilities, portable gantry cranes are surprisingly strong. Made with the perfect balance between strength and mobility in mind, these cranes will meet most companies’ lifting needs, with models like Porta-Gantry having a 500-5000kg weight capacity. A portable crane is also extremely light weight in comparison to a standard crane. 

4. Cost effective/affordable 

These cranes can end up saving your business large amounts of money through reduced transportation costs and construction expenses. Cranes are often necessary in construction but are not always needed for large lifting requirements – a portable crane is a great solution, getting the job done while saving on loading costs.

5. Reliable/safe

At Rigging Rentals, we stock two leading brands – Feltes and Porta-Gantry. Guaranteeing no compromise on strength or safety, these cranes are extremely reliable and engineered for stability and safety as long as your equipment is set up and used properly.

6. Versatile/adjustable

The use of aluminium in gantry cranes has led to better performance, with the ability to adjust height and use in a diverse range of jobs. These features mean that the crane can be used for multiple purposes and is easily adaptable to the job – nothing is too hard when you’re able to customise height and other features. 


Easy to use and simple to put together, gantry cranes are the perfect solution for lifting objects with the flexibility that comes with a modular system. At Rigging Rentals, our portable gantry cranes come in a variety of frame heights, with interchangeable yet strong beam lengths. If you’re looking to hire a portable gantry crane, contact our friendly team today to discuss your requirements.