Chain Hoists – Electric


Electric chain hoists for hire and rental that are capable of lifting 2 to 5 tonnes. The electric chain hoists are pendant controlled and have a lift height of 3 and 15 meters respectively.


Rigging and lifting jobs can be complicated, dangerous and particular. Thus, it’s important you choose the correct chain hoist for your specific job. If you have a power supply available, electric chain hoists are a great option. Plus, they make the job lighter and quicker. If there’s no power supply available you will want to rent one of Rigging Rental’s manual chain hoists


Here at Rigging Rentals we have a selection of electric chain hoists for your lifting and rigging needs. Delivering exceptional high quality with an affordable price, renting our electric chain hoists is an easy decision to make. 

All of our equipment is maintained to Australian standards to ensure quality is at its best. In addition, all of our lifting equipment is supplied with a certificate of inspection as well as instructions to help you use your gear. 


When using your electric chain hoist consider the environment you will be using the lifting equipment. Factors such as the humidity, temperatures, heat exposure, the general environment the equipment will be used and other situations that could damage the hoist. Environments that contain high levels of chemicals or salt (such as heavy industrial environments or salt lakes) could potentially damage the electric hoists when the equipment is exposed for a long period of time. 


Use the enquiry form below to rent your electric chain hoist. Please include your full name, correct email address and a message of what gear you would like to rent and the duration of how long you would like to rent for. Once you’ve sent through your enquiry, one of our team members will be in contact with you as soon as possible to discuss price, payment and any other details that are relevant to your job. To find out more information about our products, explore our website. 

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Kito 500kg 8m 7m Single speed – 7.3m/min 415v 20 amp
Kito 2t 15m 10m Two speed – 1.2m/min, 3.7m/min 415v 20 amp