Tips to Choose the Best Lifting Sling

Moving lifting objects is not as easy as it seems. With a gamut of products available in the market, construction managers can sometimes get confused and end up using the wrong product. Choosing the right sling is not only necessary to safeguard the load but also ensures the safety of the people working nearby.

Primarily, there are four types of lifting sling options that you can consider for your operations. Here are their characteristics, composition, pros and cons to help you make a better decision.


The most common and popular choice for lifting slings, they are made from polyester , nylon or high grade synthetics and are available in small and large capacities depending on your use and nature of work. They can be bent easily and folded to form a grip. This makes them a good choice to lift heavy objects. They are quite commonly used in construction as they are relatively cheaper than other sling options.

Roundslings can be used in vertical, choker, and basket hitches. The materials used to make roundslings are non-conducive and can be used in explosive environments. However, their exposure to heat, sun, and volatile chemicals should be avoided.


– Light weight

– Flexible and tough

– Can be used in multiple types of hitches

– Cost effective

– Suitable for both heavy and light loads


– Low heat resistance

– Susceptible to wear and tear

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Chain sling

Chain slings are another common choice in the construction industry. Chain slings are flexible, readily available and suitable for various types of loads. They can be used in extreme temperatures and can withstand the impact of chemicals and extreme temperatures. They can be used in steel mills, foundries, and other harsh conditions. It is also easy to repair these slings in case of damage as their spare parts can be purchased at a low cost.

Chain slings are available in single leg, 2 leg, 3 leg, and 4 leg designs and can be used in vertical basket, and choker hitches. Chain slings are typically made of alloy, which makes them highly durable.


– Can be repaired easily

– Durable and strong

– Can be used in multiple types of hitches

– Available in multiple designs


– Heavy in weight

– Not as cost effective as other rope sling options

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Wire rope sling

Made of steel, a wire rope’s core consists of mainly steel and fibre that gives the product its strength. Wire rope slings offer high degrees of flexibility and abrasion. Because of a steel body, they are also resistant from corrosion, making them long lasting. A wire rope sling is made up of several small wires that transform into individual strands designed in a helical pattern. This is where the product gets its flexibility to handle bending stress without breaking.

Not just in construction, but wire rope slings are also commonly used in sectors like oil and gas, general manufacturing, steel mills, and automotive. Wire rope slings are a more cost effective alternative than alloy chains. They are also lighter than them.

There are two types of wire rope sling, single leg and multi-leg assemblies. Both these types can be used for choker, basket, and vertical hitches.


– More affordable

– Light in weight

– Better strength and flexibility

– Can be used in multiple hitches


– Low breaking strength

– Wire rope slings cannot be repaired.

– Cannot be used above the temperature of 200°C and below -40°

If you looking for a wire rope sling, you can check out Rigging Rentals’ single and multi-leg rope sling lifting equipment hire options.

Flat web slings

These are a lot similar to Roundslings with a small difference in shape. These slings are also made of synthetics materials like nylon or polyester. They are highly flexible and light weight and work the best with light loads. They can break or bend with heavier materials. Web slings contain a long rope with two flat webs on each side. Evidently, the cloth-based sling is more bendable than wire ropes and unaffected by oil or grease. They are resistant to corrosion but should be kept away from acidic bleaching chemicals. So, it is important to store them in a cool and dry place away from sun exposure to ensure a long life. Moreover, these may wither sooner if used with sharp or heavy load.


– Light weight

– Highly flexible


– Not as strong as wire slings

– Cannot be used above the temperature of 90°C and below -40°

Rigging Rentals offers lifting equipment hire options of flat webbing slings if your need is to lift light loads.