How To Select the Right Chain Hoist

Lifting and lowering heavy loads is a cumbersome, complicated, and dangerous task, so choosing the right chain hoist for your application is very crucial. Knowing the type of chain hoist or lifting equipment to hire will make your job much easier and safer. Here are some factors to consider when you choose a chain hoist for hire.

1. The load that must be carried

There is a massive variation in the capabilities of hoists. While some hoists can lift only 500Kg, some hoists in our range can lift 30 tonne . You must use a hoist that has a weight load limit (WLL) or capacity that is equal to or more than the weight that must be lifted.

2. The height that the load must be lifted

To calculate the lift that is required, you must know where the chain hoist will hang from and where the load will be located in relation to the chain hoist. For example, if the load must be picked from the ground and the chain hoist beam is at 6 meters , you will require a chain lift of at least 6 meters. Always add a couple of meters to be on the safe side. Most chain hoists for hire can lift anywhere between 3 meters and 6 meters as standard however Rigging Rentals can provide chain hoists with longer lengths as required.

3. The available power supply

Where power supply is unavailable, manual chain hoists are the only option.

Air hoists or Electric chain hoists are the best bet when a power supply is available as they can lift loads much quicker and without a lot of manual effort.

4. The operating environment

Consider the humidity, extreme temperatures, heat exposure, and other situations that could damage the hoist (for example, environments high in chemicals or salt), as these elements could damage electric hoists when used over a long period.

The good news is that with some thought, you can find the chain hoist for hire. The better news is that there are several options available when it comes to finding the right chain hoist hire.