Why custom rigging solutions are better

If you’re finding it hard to source the right rigging equipment for your needs, have you considered a customised solution? On the surface, while standard equipment can be enough to get the job done, custom designed gear built to your exact specifications can ensure better performance all round.

Did you know rigging equipment is highly customisable?

Equipment that doesn’t seamlessly work with your operations can hinder your productivity. Rigging equipment is made up of many different attachments, making it easy to customise based on the nature of work. That’s why many businesses choose to have their lifting equipment modified or custom designed. This approach ensures you get the right fit and your machinery and tools function as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

Here are some more reasons why you should consider customising your rigging solution.

Cost effective 

Custom designed and built equipment may seem more expensive and time consuming initially, but the return on investment is greater in terms of faster throughput and lower overhead costs for labour and materials. The capacity and capability of lifting equipment can also be scaled up or down as required. They can be dismantled and reassembled for other specific applications as required, making the equipment relatively flexible and provide greater value for money.


Achieving peak efficiency is easy when you have equipment that performs at its best. When rigging and other lifting equipment is custom designed, each tool is built precisely to address the tasks at hand.

Lower overheads

As business owners, lower overheads and reducing operating expenses is always top of mind to remain profitable. Custom built equipment can greatly reduce breakdowns and lost productivity that would normally drive costs up. Designing with energy efficiency in mind can also save money.

Increased workflow

Another benefit of having your rigging equipment custom designed is increasing workflow or throughput. A tailored solution can identify bottlenecks and minimise the number of steps it takes to complete a task, ensuring it works properly for its intended application. Could your operations benefit from tweaking the equipment you use to be more productive?

Better quality & longer lasting

In general, the quality of equipment improves greatly when you have equipment custom designed and built to your exact specifications. This alone is an enormous benefit as you have control over the exact parts that go into your overall design, without having to settle on basic components that come with off the shelf standard equipment.

Extending the lifecycle of your equipment is also made possible with a tailored rigging solution. By using quality components and designing your equipment for an exact purpose, you’ll prolong the life of your equipment over standard machinery and tools. You’ll no longer have to force reach or overload its power capacity. 

Custom lifting equipment solutions for any industry

At Rigging Rentals, we regularly design, modify and build custom rigging and lifting equipment for many different industries. Choose from our standard range of rigging equipment or have your machinery and tools custom made to exact specifications. Get in touch with us to find out more.