Who Wants To Limit Their Production Costs?



To hire or purchase plant is the age-old question when it comes to the resource, construction, manufacturing and infrastructure industries. While the option to invest some cash and avoid renting in future is appealing, purchasing your own equipment is not all it appears to be. Hiring equipment has plenty of benefits, especially when it comes to rigging equipment like gantry cranes, spreader bars, air hoists or load cells. Read on to find out how renting your rigging can curb project costs, simplify product selection and improve OH&S for your business.

Simple hire process

Avoid spending hours weighing up your product options. Hiring is a low-commitment outlay, so there’s no need to wrestle with the right decision. Rigging Rentals accredited and experienced staff regularly hire out plant for projects like yours, and they can advise the equipment best suited for your purpose. Simplified product selection makes life easy for any project manager.

Reduce capital outlay

Hiring can curb project costs by reducing capital outlay. Plus, you only ever pay for the time you actually use the machinery. This is one of the clearest benefits of hiring over purchasing – you’re dealt a lower upfront cost and you can get to work right away. Hiring is especially advantageous for smaller businesses without the excess cash for an up-front purchase, and for larger businesses seeking a long-term B2B partnership. 

Limit depreciation

Depreciation is always a liability in the equipment-reliant industries. Any equipment you fork out for will decrease in value over time according to its expected salvage value and the lifecycle of the equipment. With Rigging Rentals, there’s no need to worry about your costly investment depreciating. Simply hire the equipment, use it and return it. No commitment necessary. 

Limit ongoing maintenance costs 

A true pro for hiring is the chance to dodge ongoing maintenance, repair and testing costs which can be exorbitant. Rigging equipment is often mismanaged and not a priority to maintain. At Rigging Rentals we take on the proper management of our gear to allow your employees to focus on other important tasks.

Occupational health & safety

You can rest assured that rented equipment has been extensively tested and certified. At Rigging Rentals, hiring is our bread and butter – so we safety and quality test every product we lease to both manufacturers’ recommendations and Australian Standards. When required, all lifting equipment comes with a certificate of inspection.

Consider hiring load cells, spreader bars, air hoists or gantry cranes with Rigging Rentals for your next project. Rigging Rentals has the largest inventory and broadest range of rigging equipment for hire in WA. We’re known for our quick turnaround – something we pride ourselves on carrying throughout many years of experience.

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