Protecting Workers With Rescue Cages

Rescue cage

Work boxes and rescue cages are suitable for jobs that are performing work in confined spaces, narrow entries and/or situations that require high protection and transportation of personnel. They’re essential units to have on rigging jobs that involve safe movement of workers, evacuation of personnel or simply present on site in case an unexpected circumstance occurs. Rigging Rentals’ rescue and man cages are designed to protect workers and make sure your job is completed efficiently and responsibly.

About Rigging Rentals’ Rescue Cages 

Our rescue cages are work boxes that have been designed with immense precision and care, strictly upholding Australian Safety Standards. We understand that if you’re looking to rent or buy a rescue cage then protection is your priority. Perhaps you’re performing work on a construction site, you require an evacuation cage or, you need a work box on standby just in case – either way, it’s important you have a rescue cage you can rely on. 

Here at Rigging Rentals we have a selection of work cages to choose from. Depending on your job, we have a single person work cage as well as a two person work cage. 

Rigging Rentals’ rescue cages are built to fit your typical rescue stretcher as well as two attendants if the situation requires. The rescue cages carry forged Harris Walton fixtures for attachment of a safety harness and fully internal railing. 

Main Features of rescue cages include:

  • Capacity – 3 person (450kg) 
  • Tare Weight – 550kg (excluding shackles or associated rigging gear)
  • Min crane capacity – 2000kg 
  • Dimensions – 2530mm long x 1330mm wide x 2265mm high
  • Finish – Painted Safety Yellow

Rescue Cage Safety Requirements

Due to the high risk environment, rescue cages and work boxes must meet the safety requirements:

  • Cages must present the important cage details on the unit itself. This includes the working load limit, tare mass and registration number. 
  • The sides of the work box cannot be less than 1 meter high to allow for enough space for the person/s inside. 
  • Fall-arrest anchorage points must be present. 
  • Tagging completed correctly. 
  • It’s essential to have the needed lifting slings for the lifting points by hammerlocks or moused shackles. 
  • Appropriate safety door with secure self-closing to prevent the door unexpectedly opening. 
  • Where first aid boxes present appropriate signage to be on doors.  
  • Ensure all workers on site are following the basic safety standards with site attire and protective clothing. 

For situations that involve the work box to be lifted by a crane ensure to follow the Australian safety requirements as specified for your specific job. Speak to your project manager if you’re unsure on what’s required or, refer to Government resources.

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If you require a work box cage or rescue cage, contact our team here at Rigging Rentals.  Our team has decades of experience providing rigging products and services to Perth’s construction, mining, industrial, and engineering sectors. If you have a rigging question, we have the rigging answer. Contact us today and find what you’ve been looking for.