Modular Spreader Beams


Lifting beams for hire and rental ranging in size from 20t and 50t. Lifting beams are suitable for a range of applications especially where low head room is an issue. Certified and maintained to manufacturer standards.

Many of our Telescopic Spreader Beams also have Lifting Spreader capacity. Please click on the Telescopic Spreader Beam Link under Related Products below.

As well as our Lifting Beams we have a range of Modular Spreader Beams and  End Cap Spreader Beams available for hire, with capacities ranging from 8 to 600 tonnes.

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8t Modular 0.5 – 2.5m 55kg .5m – 2.5m in 100mm increments 6.5t upper & 4.7t lower  
15t Modular 1.5m – 8.0m 55kg 1.0m – 4.0m in 100mm increments 12.0t upper & 8.5t lower Brochure
40t Modular 1.5m – 8.0m 468kg 43T @ 1m – 7m to 35t @ 8m 25t upper & lower Brochure
80t Modular 1.5m – 12.0m 388 – 1220kg 85t @ 1.5m – 7.5m to 50t @ 12.0m 55t upper & lower Brochure
170t Modular 1.5m – 20.0m 750 – 3290kg 170t @ 1.5m – 10m to 76t @ 20m 120t upper & 85t lower Brochure
300t Modular 2.0m – 26.0m 1600 – 6600kg 300t @ 2.0 – 12.0m to 150t @ 26.0m 200t upper & 150t lower Brochure
500t Modular 2.4m – 18.0m 2800 – 7270kg 500t @ 2.7 – 18.0m 400t upper & 300t lower Brochure
600t Modular 2.0m – 23.0m 2800 – 7270kg 600t @ 2.7 – 18.0m 400t upper & 300t lower Brochure
1000t Modular 2.0m – 28.0m 2800 – 7270kg 2.0m – 28.0m in 0.5m increments 600t upper & 500t lower Brochure