Product Spotlight – Air Skates

Also known as air casters, air skates or air dollies, this versatile heavy load rigging product can be positioned under any load shape to provide support where needed. A fantastic alternative to a crane, using air skates is a great way to move heavy loads. But what is an air skate and how does it really work?


What is an air skate?

Air skates are pneumatic devices (generates and uses compressed air) that create a thin film of air between the floor and load platform, enabling the load to be moved across the floor with minimal friction. This nearly frictionless transport method means that air skates can move very heavy loads. For example, AeroGo’s Aero-Casters are designed to float loads ranging from 500 lbs to over 5000 tons. In addition, the process only requires a relatively low amount of compressed air, resulting in a cost-effective job execution.



Air skates are highly advantageous in operation, with the following benefits:

  • Omnidirectional – ability to move in any horizontal direction and in small spaces gives the air skate an edge over cranes.
  • Safe and accurate – made from strong and lightweight aluminum, air skates are durable  and the ease of movement ensures accurate load placement. 
  • Low cost, high ROI – decreased adjustments like turning corners saves on time and labour, eventuating in a lower cost than alternatives like cranes or gantries. 
  • Handles heavy loads – can move 10,000 lbs with only 10 lbs of force and handle a wide range of weights. 
  • Friction free – ensures easy and smooth movement, with no vibration and no floor damage.
  • Easy to store/move – compact, light and efficient features results in less effort to move loads and no permanent installation requirements. 


At Rigging Rentals, we use AeroGo heavy duty air caster rigging systems as they provide high quality solutions for moving loads of any size, shape or weight. A “clean, quiet and safe alternative to moving heavy loads”, the AeroGo Aero-Caster allows precise load placement and causes no damage to floors. Additionally, all of our Air Skates are fully tested and maintained to manufacturer standards.

Interested in hiring an air skate for your next project? Check out our air skates here, including all specifications and more information about the product. To find out which lifting solution is best for you, get in touch with our qualified team at Rigging Rentals.