Loads cells for jobs big and small

Rigging Rentals range of tension and compression load cells suits many and varied applications and cater to applications from 100kg to 800 tonne, first let’s look at the tension load cell range.

Tension Load Cells

Tension load cells are a device with inbuilt telemetry that reads the strain and transmits a signal to the hand held display unit, the signal has a line of sight range of 100 meters, importantly this is all wireless, so no cables and all readings are from the hand held display unit the operator is well clear of the hot zone which is critical in load testing or heavy lift applications.

We hold a full range of tension load cells ranging in sizes from 6.5 tonne that reads class A down to 200kg and reads in 1kg increments through to 12, 25, 55, 100, 120, 150 and our largest tension load cells being 250 tonne shackles with load cell pins.


IMAGE: wireless telemetry box of the side of a 250t shackle.

With many applications in all weather conditions the load cell exceeds the IP65 (Ingress Protection Rating) this means the load link body can be exposed to rain without impacting the unit, batteries are standard AA and provide 70 hours operating use. All of our load cells have NATA calibration certificates and have operating instructions supplied, users find the MSL load cells very easy to use, easy to read soft touch buttons allow the unit to read in standard format or peak hold, measurements are in kg/Ti/T/Lbs and a backlit LCD screen makes use in poor light no problem.

Compression Load Cells

Compression load cells have a wide range of applications from weighing large structures, measuring centre of gravity and measuring applied force, we have single 100 tonne that is class A down to 2 tonne, two matching four point x 50 tonne sets and a four point x 200 tonne set.

Our four x 200t set has been used to measure COG on many large structures for lift studies including large fabricated ship blocks exceeding 200 tonne.  Just like our tension load cells the control boxes are straight forward to operate and have full instructions supplied with copies of the calibration reports.

For advice on our load cells or any project requiring lifting equipment feel free to call your nearest branch on 1300 744 736

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